If you’re a fan of the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 then I advise you to look at these pictures at your own discretion.

You remember the guy who dipped his White Supreme x Air Jordan 5s in red paint? Well he’s back at again and this time he’s tinkering with the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Oxford Tan that just released yesterday. He didn’t dip these Yeezys in paint though, Sean Wotherspoon took it a step further this time by ripping apart the highly coveted sneakers. Just to break a few more hearts he did all this by using a Supreme knife because anything less would be unacceptable.

Wotherspoon posted these pictures 15 hours ago and I’m sure he’s already read/received thousands of comments and remarks about his actions. So what do you think about his latest move? Do you think these “alterations” that he’s doing to these extremely hyped sneaker releases are cool or is he wrong for this?

via: sean_wotherspoon

Author’s Take

Personally I think if you own a pair of sneakers you can do whatever you please with them. I’m sure my opinion falls in with the minority since everyone and their momma loves Yeezyz these days, but I don’t care. People make way too big of a deal over Yeezys (which i think are not all that special) so to see someone treat them like any other sneaker is a welcomed sight. I’m sure that Sean knew that attention this would receive by doing this though. Smart man.

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